Superman: What does the S on his chest stand for?

IT seems like the world’s most obvious answer to a quiz show question — what does the S on Superman’s chest stand for?

One might presume the distinctive red and yellow letter emblazoned on the costume of one of history’s most iconic action heroes stands for, well, Superman.

But a quiz show question has revealed the true answer that only a mega-fan of the comic book, television and film character might know.

The latest episode of the BBC’s popular QI program featured guest Teri Hatcher, who starred in the hit 90s small screen series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman .

The actress was asked the seemingly obvious question and replied: “Well … Super!”

But, as the internet discovered, she was wrong.

It’s actually not an S — it’s a Kryptonian symbol of Hope. Krypton was Superman’s home planet.

media_cameraHenry Cavill in a scene from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The fact it looks like an S is apparently just a coincidence. Talk about mind-blowing.

Ms Hatcher also stumbled on another question she admittedly should’ve known — Superman’s real name.

She guessed Jor-El, which was actually his father’s name. Superman’s Kryptonian name is Kal-El!

When asked how long she played Lois Lane, she joked: “Clearly not enough.”

Earlier this week, it was speculated that the latest actor to play Superman, British star Henry Cavill, would hang up his bright red cape.

media_cameraThe S on Superman’s chest is actually the Kryptonian symbol of Hope.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s had enough and wants to pursue other projects.

Studio insiders also told the industry bible that executives wanted to hit a “reset” button on their superhero films.

The claims of Mr Cavill’s departure have been rejected by his spokesman but uncertainty remains.

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