(Fanmade) HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3: The Hidden World Trailer (2019) HD Movie

You never cease to amaze me, bud.

Stalk my instagram: @dancing_alpaca

This is NOT an official trailer, but just something I edited for entertainment. Please respect this just like any other form of fan art.

None of the footage is mine an is taken from different sources: httyd 2, Dragons: Race to the edge, httyd 2 deleted scenes

Program: Premiere Pro CC
Song: httyd theme (the best song ever tbh)


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  1. Okay yes this is a FANMADE TRAILER
    But the movie itself isn’t. There is a movie coming called the hidden world go search it up
    There’s no need to be a complete dick saying
    iTs fAkE uR sO DuMb

  2. I wanna clarify this is FANMADE, read the title, this is a collection of scenes put well together to make a fanmade trailer. This contains scenes from 'How To Train Your Dragon 2(also deleted scenes)' and the series(Race To The Edge). Please don't give hate to this talented creator.

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