Twerking on Uluru: Werkit fitness video deemed disgusting

A GOLD COAST fitness studio has been forced to remove a video from social media, which showed a woman ‘twerking’ and posing suggestively while visiting Uluru.

Werkit Twerk Dance Fitness reportedly uploaded a short clip of a client dressed in their merchandise while dancing on the sacred site. Her singlet read: ‘Twerking is my Cardio’.

Before being removed, the video was captioned: “Look! It’s our #Werkit babe repping #WerkIt on top of one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks”.

But instead of praise, their Instagram page was inundated with comments deeming the post as “vile”, “disgusting” and “culturally insensitive”.

media_cameraThe video showed a woman twerking on top of Uluru.

“Please educate yourselves and apologise,” one woman wrote on Instagram alongside another of their twerking videos.

“This kind of stuff is not OK and needs to be called out.”

“You need to make a public apology to the indigenous community for your disrespectful post,” another comment read.

One person called for compensation, saying the video was “vile” and an insult to the indigenous community.

media_cameraA Gold Coast fitness studio has been slammed for posting a twerking video on Uluru.

“Absolutely vile, I can’t wait to hear your public apology and how you plan to compen$ate (sic) the indigenous community,” the post read.

On Facebook, commenters questioned why the fitness studio would use a sacred site for “cheap advertising”.

“How clever of you to climb a sacred space that traditional owners have asked you not to climb, and then twerk,” the Facebook post read.

“Your level of disrespect is disgraceful!”

According to The Sun, ‘twerking’ is a type of dance originating as part of the bounce music scene of New Orleans in the late 1980s.

Individually-performed, chiefly but not exclusively by women, dancers move in a sexually-provocative manner throwing or thrusting their hips back or shaking their buttocks, often in a low squatting stance.

The dance move was used excessively by singer and actress Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

According to Parks Australia, while scaling Uluru is not prohibited, they ask visitors to “respect our law and culture by not climbing”.

“The climb can be dangerous,” the government website read. “Too many people have died while attempting to climb Uluru.”

The fitness studio offers two types of classes, one called ‘Twerk Dance’ and the other as ‘Booty Building’. Both areas of exercise focus on toning and cardio. has reached out to Werkit Twerk Dance Fitness for comment.

Originally published as ‘Vile’ Uluru twerk video slammed

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